BoardGameGeek Entry


I have submitted a request to have this added to the BoardGameGeek database. I am hoping my reasoning for why it should be included will be well received. It would be great to have such a great game in there for the added publicity it would bring.


Fingers crossed, as it should be there


Here are the notes I submitted to the admins regarding why it should be added:

Turing Tumble incorporates several aspects which merit the inclusion of other games into the BGG database. Therefore the collection of all these aspects into a single product should warrant that product’s inclusion into the BGG database as well.

  • Turing Tumble presents a team of players with a series of thematic challenges/puzzles to solve in order to progress the story (this is also true of many games in the BGG database such as the Unlock or Exit series).

  • Turing Tumble ultimately instructs players to build and play a variation of the classic Dr. Nim game (“The Amazing Dr Nim” exists in the BGG database).

  • Turing Tumble is a set of components used to build a game (This is similar to the Lego or U-Build series of games, all of which exist in the BGG database).

Unfortunately, here was their response:
We’re sorry but we could not use your recent submission.
Reason: Solitaire puzzles are out of scope for BoardGameGeek; Turing Tumble is closer to Rush Hour than to Escape Room games.

I felt I made valid points and had legitimate examples to point to of games they had in their database, but it’s like they ignored my reasons altogether. Maybe if others try submitting Turing Tumble into the BGG database as well and emphasize the game nature of Turing Tumble, we can get them to add it.