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Split Connector .STL and notes from my build

Very cool of the Turing Tumble folks to sell the virtual pack. I purchased a board from them because it seemed it would be too annoying to print and got ball bearings from Amazon.

The board stand pieces are oversized for most 3d printers. Rather than split, I decided to print a large adjustable tablet stand that I remixed to clear everything on the back of the board (if anyone actually wants this I can post it).

I made a simple split of the connector you can download on Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4104708.

Everything else prints easily. For all but the crossover and ramp, just drop the pegs below the build surface in your slicer so you can print flat. Crossover and ramp need supports.

I ran through all of the peg holes with an appropriately sized drill bit to mitigate friction without tedious hand cleanup work.

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the split piece worked better than my braced piece thanks :grinning: