Which extras do you recommend with first kit?


Wanting to buy a kit for my nearly 8-year-old, but with all the add-ons available I wonder what you’d all recommend getting with it.
Are there any extras that everybody wants to get after playing for a few months, or is the basic kit entirely adequate?
Thanks for your help!


The standard box set is fine. Extra gears would allow more complex custom machines capable of handling bigger numbers, but the board is finite in size and the bits in the box are good enough for some pretty complex machines anyway. The second half of the puzzle book has you building some quite impressive machines with just the standard pieces.


Thanks for the explanation, Rob.


As someone who has a 9 and 10 year old, I’d suggest maybe extra balls. Even once you realise putting the stand inside the box lid helps, you do sometimes end up with escapees. Fine if someone picks them up immediately, but that doesn’t always happen in unsupervised play and the balls are small enough to be vacuumed up.


Thanks. Have already bought my first kit and now we’ll have to be careful.
Good idea with the lid to catch falling balls


That’s good to know, thanks !