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Make It

Show your 3D-printed version of Turing Tumble, discuss part and board modifications, or post your tips and tricks for building one yourself. Can’t wait to see what you post here!

Puzzle Solutions

Share your solutions to the puzzles in the book, especially if your solution uses fewer parts or solves the puzzle in an interesting way. Our collective minds will eventually find the optimal solutions to each puzzle!

New Puzzles to Solve

The challenges in the book weren’t enough?!? This category is for new puzzles designed by you. I suspect there will be some truly evil ones in here.


Are you using Turing Tumble for educational purposes - maybe in the classroom or at home? We’d love to hear about your experiences. What worked? What didn’t? Lesson plan ideas are most welcome.

Suggestion Box

Run into a problem? Have an idea to make Turing Tumble better? We’d love to hear about it.