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3D printing parts

I just got my Turing Tumble a few months ago at my library and the kids absolutely love it! I want to show the kids how they can make their own parts (and make back up parts for the library) on a 3d printer. Are there any designs that I can start with that use the .stl format that would not require me to start from scratch? Anything someone could give me would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi there! You can buy the STL parts for the Turing Tumble at the Turing Tumble Store - Look for the Virtual Pack

As far as custom parts beyond that I have published the only one in the TT Community thus far, the Reflector (opposite of the Cross-over).

Happy printing!


Thank you for the info. I am fairly new to the 3d printing game but hope to be able to get up and running soon. I didn’t realize that they sold the virtual pack that has all the 3d printing info in it. That will be a great help!

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You’re very welcome, have fun!