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Crossover Piece

Hi folks,
We are finding the Orange crossover piece does not work reliably at all. For all pieces in the box a ball will generally favour the same side for exit as entry. Sometimes the part functions correctly, but mostly it doesn’t.

My daughter is extremely disappointed with this being a Christmas present.

Has anyone else spotted this problem.

We’ve contacted the vendor but no reply thus far.


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We have the exact same problem (these pieces are not working as intended most of the time) and I am planning to contact the vendor as well. Very frustrating for me and my daughter.

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This is my post on an other thread. No answer as yet. I suspect the board itself is not manufactured well enough and its not rigid enough…

"Hi All

Christmas present well received, the children have made a good start in understanding the world of computers.

One problem seems to be the reliability and replication of outcomes. For example the cross-overs seem to vary in consistent results bordering on random. The board appears not to be deformed, on a level surface and mounted in the bracket correctly

What are we doing wrong?"

Hi Leo & Pittford
Thank you for your messages. I feel your frustration.
Today we received a message to say Turning table will send us a pack of ramps/crossovers/bits for free (normally $9.95, the discount code is “FAULTY CROSSOVERS” in the order summary. Order wont be received until mid-March as the parts are out of stock.

I wonder, has anyone received returned the whole game and received refund,


For those that are finding the crossover piece to be inconsistent you might try the modification that is mentioned in this thread. Many people have seen good results with this change.
Here is a PDF that describes the modification as well as the thread where it was presented.

This product has ultimately been brought to market prematurely. I’m sympathetic to the developers and I’m content to deal with teething issues but its apparent that little is being done.

This board is not sufficiently ridged and the crossovers don’t work. Add to that the £70 cost… its not looking good