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Crossovers don't work or balls fall off

My son got this for Christmas. He really likes it, but he got to challenge six and it’s impossible to complete. The crossover pieces don’t work (send the ball the wrong way) about 25% of the time, or the ball just falls off of them. Any ideas for what might be wrong. Here’s a video that shows both problems:

Check that the board is on a level surface, and don’t leave it on the black stand for significant periods, as I’ve noticed it warps slightly after a long time, and this affects the cross overs particularly. Lying on its front on a flat surface for a while, perhaps with the box on top of it, fixes this issue

I’m having the same issue, stuck on the very first challenge that uses crossovers (#5 Entropy) because the crossover seems to only work properly about 1/3 of the time, otherwise sending them the wrong way or bouncing them out of the board. I got out a bubble level and it’s definitely level and I just assembled it out of the box so it couldn’t have been warped by being in the stand too long. Is there anything else that I can try? I’d rather not return it but I don’t see how I can use it as is.

You might try the modification mentioned in this thread. Challenge #1: The crossover - is there a better design?

Thanks for the help everyone. I performed the crossover modification and now they are way more reliable! I think my board is warped, and I did try last night to leave a heavy object on it, but it didn’t seem to help. It’s brand new though, so it’s not an issue of leaving it on the black stand too long. We’ll see if it is problematic in the long term but for now things seem good.

I had the same issue, a significant crossover failure rate. Following the link posted by brenwaterys, I modified 4 of the 6 crossovers in the box and since then have only had one or two failures, the fix worked a treat.