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@paul Thanks, it’s meant to be an homage to your brilliant work. And sure, link away!

Also, I was wondering if you would be willing to provide HTML or Pantone colors for the parts? I sampled them off a promo image, but lighting throws off the accuracy.

Thanks for saying that.

I had tried to making executables. And I had some problems, but I finally succeeded that for MacOS. The executable is uploaded to here. If you are using a Mac, please try it!

Tried it on my Macbook 12" with High Sierra 10.13.6 and it works really well!

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Good to hear, thanks!

That’s great. I’ve gone to that site and set up one of my puzzle solutions, and ran it. It works a treat. The only question I have is, once I have set up a simulator, how do I save it in a form where I can post it on the forum?

Hello. I’ve clicked on the link and downloaded the zip file. However, there
does not seem to be an executable in there. How do I run this under Windows 7?

To make it easier to remember and advertise, I’ve created the following URL that links to @jcross 's simulator: tinyurl.com/turing-tumble-simulator


This is a really cool project, has there been any more updates since last year. I am keen to see how I can help port this simulator to Web3, so the rest of the world can discover it.