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Translations to French and German

Dear Paul,

thank you so much for this toy/game. It’s something I would have liked to come up with myself, and you beat me to it. When I saw the kickstarter, it was my first “Shut up and take my money”-moment in my life.

Today, it arrived, and my 4 1/2 year old and I started to do the first puzzles, up to the crossover. We both love it.

I am planning on teaching the turing tumble to my sons friends and at his Kindergarten. We will see how this turns out, I will post again once I have gathered some experience.

Now, we live in Germany, I am German. As my child does not read yet, it doesn’t make a difference to me, he relies on my guidance anyway. But a few children I’d like to show it to do read, but not English.

I know that translations were/are not your first priority; first you had to get going. But if everything goes well, eventually you will have to think of that.
I would love to help you out. I am native German and my wife is French. Just hit me up with an email, and we can start talking. I didn’t find your email-adress, this is why I did here in public.

Cheers, H.

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Hi hhh,

Thanks so much! I’m so glad you like it. Translations would be wonderful! You aren’t the first to request a translated version. If you do decide to translate it (we would be so grateful!), you don’t need to edit the pdf of the booklet. If you just send me a file with the translation, I can insert the text into the book and send you a copy when I’m done.

Thanks again! And my email address is paul.boswell@turingtumble.com.


Hi H,

Let me know if your wife is actually working on the French translation. I was thinking about that also. Maybe we can teamwork to translate and proofread.


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I just finished the German Translation of the Practice Guide v. 1.0 (Challenges 1-30 plus Puzzles). No proofreading done yet, I will do that next, and then we need another, second proofreader. Any volunteers?

Just wanted to let you know. I will keep you posted once my first proofreading is done. I will go on a vacation soon; I don’t know if that makes me finish sooner or later, though.

I found a few ameliorations to make in the Practice Guide, so perhaps there will be a version 1.0.1 soon, if Paul agrees with them. I have to type them out, then you get an Email.

Nicolas, joint work sounds great. My wife is French, but I would still have to do the work myself, as I am the one who is crazy about Turingtumble, not her. So, if you want, you can go ahead and start, I will do the proofreading; or I start, but that would be not before next month. We can get in contact so that I could hint you to a couple of things I noticed that could be important for the French translation, too.

Cheers, H.

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I would like to join your French translation effort.



Dear DomreiRoam,

in my experience with translating the Practice Guide, working with text files costs a lot of time. If I had to start over again, I would build upon the work of the guy with the Dutch translation, and his excel file, doing quickly one cell after another. You will easily find the thread in the forums.

As I am not a native French speaker, I guess it would be better that I only do proofreading. My spelling and grammar is quite good, but sometimes there is a little something off about how my French sounds.

How about you start, and keep us updated about the progress. Perhaps others join in. I might do some work too, but not right away, because I don’t have the time right now. I will post again if that changes.

Cheers, H.

Any update on French translation? I’d be glad to help (I’m french canadian). I’d like to give this as a gift for my nephew who have a hard time getting motivated for reading.

Hello HHH,
I am working with Paul and Alyssa on getting the process started to translate Turing Tumble to other languages. I started a new post in Other Stuff, called Turing Tumble Translations where you can find my contact information. I would love your feedback!