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3 blue 1 red pattern

Just got started with Turing Tumble and have only used the green ramps, orange crossover and blue bit switches so far.

How would I go about getting the pattern:



Any help would be really useful.

Thank you!

You’re looking at a total cycle of 4 balls repeating, so you could do it by setting up an arrangement of parts somewhere that loops through 4 different states as balls go through, and making sure every single ball gets fed into it.

What won’t work (without gears and gear bits) is trying to set up something that loops every 3 balls and using that to count blue balls.

Cracked it. Thank you so much!



One small thing to think about is that both directions a ball can leave the bottom left bit end up merging into the same path, so you could replace that bit with a ramp without changing the layout’s outcome.

Thank you.

Where I’m struggling is trying to map the repeating pattern to the switches. I haven’t got onto gears or gear bits yet.

Similar to my last pattern, If I wanted R B B B B B R B B B B B R…

then the repeating pattern is length 6.

I find it easier to get even numbers of blues out in a repeating pattern of 1 red and X blues.

Exercise 21 was great for teaching my 10 year-old to use bits to count in binary.

That’s as far as we’ve got so far.

Thanks again.

Yeah, using bits to create cycles of length n, powers of two are easy; anything else is hard enough I’d need to sit down and think for a while to figure out which other cycles are actually possible.

I’m pretty sure 5 blues then 1 red repeating indefinitely isn’t possible without gears, but I haven’t got a proof.