Added Boardgamegeek entry


When the BBG moderator blesses it, could someone please add some pictures


I don’t think it will be accepted in BGG. Their description of a puzzle seems to describe Turing Tumble quite well.
Under the “What is not a Game?” section:

“Puzzles – BGG has a prohibition against solo solvable puzzles, such as Rush Hour or Rubik’s Cube. A puzzle is an item such that a problem is presented for which a programmed solution is available. In Rush Hour, each of the puzzles has a solution. For a Rubik’s Cube, there is a series of programmed moves for any configuration that brings about the end solution. Puzzles are Outside the Scope of BGG.”


I agree - it lacks a certain essential “gaminess” that may well exclude it from BGG.


I see that dr. Nim has an entry, and dr. Nim can be implemented in Turing Tumble, so there is that…


Yeah, I saw Dr. Nim was in there and I’m not sure how that doesn’t fit their definition of a puzzle.