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Adding numbers by binary balls

Hi, my college has just purchased some TTs and I was wondering if it is possible to add 2 numbers represented by binary (1 - blue marble 0 - red marble) on both sides. The answer appears as binary on one side at the bottom.

TT can’t distinguish the two types of ball, so it would not be possible to work with two arbitrary patterns of red/blue balls.

It would be possible to create a limited binary adder where the input numbers were set up with ‘bits’ (i.e. the initial positions of the bi-state pieces). The output could be represented by other bits, or, possibly, by a pattern of red/blue balls per your original idea.

Richard, thank you for your reply. Will have a play with your idea of a binary adder.

I wrote a question a couple of months ago about the I Ching; as I got no reply I am responding to this question which seems to solve my query. I want to generate a random number as an output. If I put a 1 on some balls, and a 2 on others, and jumble the balls at the top of the input ladder, I believe this accomplishes my goal quite simply. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I would think that a thin marker would last on the marbles. And again, if anyone who reads this is familiar with the I Ching, please do chime in.

Since you’re numbering the marbles and jumbling them ahead of time, it seems like it would be simpler to put them in a bag and draw them one at a time, since TT can’t add any randomization.

Agreed, the bag shake and draw jumbles the balls…