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Adjustable Nucleus Puzzle

Hi there,

First time posting! I’ve been working my way through the puzzles the second time and I’ve come up with a new version of puzzle 26, “Nucleus”.

Instead of just creating an output of BBBBRBBBB, can you make it so that the output can be BRB, BBRBB, BBBBRBBBB, or BBBBBBBBRBBBBBBBB depending on which way the bits are set at the beginning?

It took me a few tries but I managed to make this and even have bits in a register for which power of 2 I wanted to release the blue marbles in groups of.

I’d be intrigued to know if someone could make an adjustable nucleus puzzle that would output blue balls not in powers of 2, haven’t managed to do that yet :slight_smile:

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@Indigo This is really giving my brain a workout today. I was able to set the bits just fine for the first three scenarios. But I have a question - do the marbles need to stop after the pattern is achieved? Can I add another interceptor? I’m also wondering about creating the 8 Blues, 1 Red, 8 Blues - wouldn’t I need another bit in order to get to 8?

i made bbbbrrbbbb once

You can produce any nucleus pattern of the form bmRbn, for 1<=m,n<=32.