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Allow purchase of board only

You would obviously want to make it so it’s more expensive to assemble a complete kit from spares than for the complete kit (perhaps charge $35 for the board?) but for hacks and mods on the board I would like not to have to buy a complete kit (or not to have to build a new board from scratch)


Good idea. We’re ordering a second batch from the factory now. We’d probably sell the board for something like $15. Would you want the board supports to be available, too, or just the board?


I personally would only need the board - I have some physical hacks in mind and need a spare. I would not need the stand.

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Got it. Just the board. It’ll probably be a few months, but we’ll make it available by itself.

with/without black pieces? (flipper arms, ball releases, long rods and pins)

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Oh yeah - I forgot about that because we already made a “Replacement computer parts” item, we just haven’t made it available online. We’ll do that, too. Good thinking.

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I would buy it either way. I don’t need the extra pieces but understand that inventory management may require it.

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That is fantastic, thanks!

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@racunniff I know I’m late to the party here, but did you see that we are now selling boards in our Turing Tumble store? Feel free to reach out to me directly and I will get you set up. alyssa@turingtumble.com