Allow purchase of board only


You would obviously want to make it so it’s more expensive to assemble a complete kit from spares than for the complete kit (perhaps charge $35 for the board?) but for hacks and mods on the board I would like not to have to buy a complete kit (or not to have to build a new board from scratch)


Good idea. We’re ordering a second batch from the factory now. We’d probably sell the board for something like $15. Would you want the board supports to be available, too, or just the board?


I personally would only need the board - I have some physical hacks in mind and need a spare. I would not need the stand.


Got it. Just the board. It’ll probably be a few months, but we’ll make it available by itself.


with/without black pieces? (flipper arms, ball releases, long rods and pins)


Oh yeah - I forgot about that because we already made a “Replacement computer parts” item, we just haven’t made it available online. We’ll do that, too. Good thinking.


I would buy it either way. I don’t need the extra pieces but understand that inventory management may require it.


That is fantastic, thanks!