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AND Gate (standard size simulator)

(So far I have only been able to do it on a standard sized simulator, because I needed more gear bits than supplied in a standard set).
Set up the board so that the position of a third (gear) bit © depends on the position of another two (gear) bits (A and B). You can manually set the gear bits before running.

When a ball has gone through, C should be the AND of A and B (if pointing to left is taken as “1” C should end as a 1 if and only if both A and B were initially 1 (regardless of what state C was in before). Running another ball with A and B unchanged should leave C in same position).

When a ball goes through, it must leave the position of the A and B bits unchanged.

Taking it further: I haven’t worked out if its possible yet, but would be pleased to see a NAND gate on a standard sized board (possibly with extra bits), and also an AND gate using only bits supplied in physical kit. And of course a NAND gate on a standard physical kit.

I managed the NAND gate on standard sized simulator (but needed 10 gear bits). Feels like it should be possible to do it in fewer.

Here’s what I have: (with True on right and False on left)

And gate

Nand gate

Well done @Florentin. At some stage I will post my less efficient solution! Good to see AND and NAND can be done in a standard board. I tried to edit the challenge to take out the reference to being for a simulator, but seems editability has timed out.