Ball counting marks


I find myself counting balls a lot (mostly at the top of the board), and I thought a nice touch for the next version would be some embossed markings that tell you how many balls are in the hopper. If the numbers were behind the balls, the system could be either one-based (where the 8th ball would cover the number 8) or zero-based (where the number 8 is visible when there are 8 balls). I’m not sure which of those makes more sense to more people, although I expect zero-based would appeal to those among us who enjoy C-like programming languages :). It would also be possible to put the markings above the balls so none would be obscured, but there’s not a lot of room on the ends, and the first ball would always be inside the pocket with no room around it.


Very clever idea!! I like it. It’s probably too late for the second run we’re preparing now, but for sure this will go in a later run. Thanks, jcross!!