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Balls get stuck between a bit and a crossover

I have the occasional problem of balls getting stuck when rolling from a bit to a crossover. Appears to happen from any bit to any crossover. I ensure that both a fully in the correct position before starting.

I’ve noticed that every now and then I need to check that the surface I have the Turing Tumble on is flat.

Please add a photo of the stuck condition. Does the problem happen at various locations on the backboard?


Picture as requested

Thank you Alan. The picture shows a ball stuck while passing from a Ramp to a Bit. I see this error occasionally on my game also. It sometimes happens when the ball enters the Bit too fast.

  1. Try replacing the Ramp with a Crossover.
  2. Try replacing the Bit with a weighted Gear-Bit. Gear-Bits do not have this problem because of their shape.
    Adding weights to gear bits using only parts from the box