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Balls won't stop coming out

My son got this for Christmas and is super excited but is having some trouble. Whenever he ‘starts’ his creation all of the balls of that color are immediately one by one dropped (without requiring the bottom lever to be hit). This results in non of the programs working as designed. After reading about what seems to be the opposite problem, I took the whole thing back apart and checked to verify that all of the connecters are in correctly (straight vs curved) and re-seated all of the connectors to the black bars on the top. We’ve got 1 of the sides which works correctly and one that does not, and despite my best efforts I can’t seem to get it working for him, which is leading to some ‘holiday frustrations’. Sigh. Any ideas what I can to do get this working or is it bricked? Thanks for any help that you can provide.

We have the same problem. What is the answer? Thank you.

This happened to me as well; make sure you take one of each of the marbles and put them in the middle of the switches at the bottom. The instructions doesn’t make this clear but you will see the blue / red marbles inside the middle of the circle portion of the bottom switches.

This gives it weight to keep the switch “up” until there is weight to push it down.

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I would want to inspect the back while he is pressing the levers on the front. Why does one side work and the other not? Why does the non-working side stay down after the lever is released? What is making it stay down? Maybe all you need is some sandpaper.