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BC 32 in English Set Reset

I have BC 32 in Dutch. I just don’t understand the target.
Does anyone have the English version for me?

(Translated from dutch it’s something like this:
let gearbit A at each starting position point to the left when the blue ball is released, or to the right when the red ball is released)

I don’t understand the ‘starting position’ …

The challenge is given a 3-star rating but when I see the solution I think this is a one star rating. This seems so easy …

The English text is “For any starting direction of gear bit A, make it point left if the blue ball is released or right if the red ball is released”.

So there are four possible setups to test:

A starts pointing left, blue ball released
A starts pointing left, red ball released
A starts pointing right, blue ball released
A starts pointing right, red ball released

And A should end up pointing left, right, left, and right respectively.

Or, if you want to streamline the testing have 2 blue and 2 red balls loaded, start with A pointing left, and release the balls one at a time in order blue, red, red, blue, which should leave A pointing left, right, right, left after the individual balls, allowing you to test each combination without touching anything except the release levers.

And, yes, it’s a pretty straightforward puzzle if you can see (or guess) the key idea, but it also makes sure you have a key concept that can be used in future.

Thanks, your reply makes it a lot easier to understand. Especially the possible setups.
In the meantme I started with BC33 and I experience the same confusion.
How many balls must be released?
Is this een continuous proces, after a blue ball comes a red one, comes a blue one?
Or must the proces be stopped after blue, red? Or blue, red, blue?
Or is this the same as BC32 and should I try 4 setups and when a ball is released the proces must be stopped?
I start working on the last option … thanks again!!!

For 32, with only the one ball of each colour, starting the machine and running it until it stops usually only involves one ball (it could take both). For 33, unless you use the interceptor to stop it sooner, it’ll run until you’ve emptied all 8 of one colour (and possibly some of the other colour too).

So for 33, you probably want to use the allowed interceptor to stop the process before you run out of balls.