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Beginner questions

Can anyone direct me to an online resource for setting up a Turing Tumble. We are not finding the book to be too helpful in that when we follow the instructions we still find that the board doesn’t quite operate as expected.

For example - when we set up for Challenge_1, every time that we bump the board even slightly, each of the red and blue balls starts its way down the slope (in turn) unless we race around the back to stop the distributor from turning. Is it supposed to be this precarious or have we set it up incorrectly?

Another example for Challenge_1 - when we hit Start, both sets of balls run down the board, finishing up in a haphazard order on the output ramp. Without green ramps, some of the red balls bounce right off the stand, which I know isn’t what is intended! If we can’t even get the output right for Challenge_1 then I am left thinking that we have done something wrong.

It would be great if someone could point me to a step-by-step set up video somewhere that shows physically how this stuff should be set up to avoid these kinds of mishaps. I have looked, but all I can see are solution videos for some of the challenges.

Hi! I would recommend the YouTube video - Getting Started with Turing Tumble