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Can you code a Fibonacci's?

Hi everyone,

Can you code 1/1/2/3/5/8 ?
or in the presentation of the book Required output : RRRRRRRR.BBBBB.RRR.BB.R.B.
(with the real box - no new pieces)
I didn’t do it but I’ll start today.



So I finish it, with only the pieces of the box.
It took me 4 h, definitely a level 5+
Enjoy your search.


That is a cool idea and I would like to try it. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Very curious how you did it!
Is there anyone out there who wants to share it here?

Hi Guys,
Found something on YouTube, made little changes but it only counts to 5. I cannot accomplish to get the 8 blue balls down… @lennypitt perhaps?

(this was the original video from Christoph der Coole: Turing Tumble fibonacci Folge bis zur Acht - YouTube). I see how he did it now!
Watch how the balls are loaded in the top on the right side.

However, if you Connect so many gears, there is too much friction so balls got stuck :disappointed:.

Or like this:

Still no one? Looking forward hearing from you!