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Challende 2+2+stop

My son gave me a challenge that I should make for him.
I think the challenge is very nice, so here it is.
Ball number 5 shall always be intercepted, but regardless of which color you start you should always have 2+2+stop.
So starting blue shall make the result blue-blue-red-red-stop,
And starting a red shall make the result red-red-blue-blue-stop.
You decide the color of the stop ball.

Nice challenge! I really like the symmetry in the problem and how it can appear in the solution.
Here’s what I have in 26 parts.


Thank you.
I was trying to make a solution with only one combined counter (of gear bits) but I did succeed. Maybe someone else can do that.

We tried to make some small changes to your solution and got a very interesting result.
2+2+1+1+1+1 repeated