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Challenge: Longest run

Make the longest run ever. The solution must end in a stop eventually, but how long a run can you make?
It can be a single colour solution, double colour solution or multi colour solution

This is a simple 10 bit counter, and will stop when falling into the red trap

Hi - see here : a pattern over 320,000 long

Ok, so that’s on a simulator and uses more than standard pieces in a set, but with gear bits surely a few hundred thousand is easily possible.

131199 ??
I think I can do this on a standard board with pieces as delivered.

Solution for ball pattern 131199 balls long (board, as delivered- if you keep replenishing the balls!)

Blue side counts 1024, then releases a red ball, that immediately goes to blue. This repeats 127 times. Then another 1024 blue balls go, but the final red ball released does not get to the pattern, but is intercepted.
Length =( 127*(1024+1)) +1024 = 131199

See @RingTheBell 's better solution here