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Challenges with the marbles dropping to quickly or bouncing

My son got the tumble kit for Christmas and we have been working through the solutions. We have a bit of an issue with the marbles either not turning the “ramps” correctly, dropping too fast or actually falling out of the crossover. A couple of things we have tried:

  1. Adjusted the angle of the gameboard to be less steep - This kind of worked but it went from failing 75% of the time to 25%
  2. Used the little pads which go on the backs of the ramps and bits. - This also worked partially but we will have marbles coming off the board more times than not.

Also tried a combo of the above and adjusting the program to have fewer drops in a single direction to slow the marble down but we have not had much luck.

Any ideas would be great,

Could you post a photo of a board set up that often gives you trouble? Might give a clue??