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Cutting board on CNC mill

I would like to mill a board (and supports) on my 1000mm X-Carve CNC mill. Has anyone attempted to build a board using a CNC mill? If so, what materials, bits, settings did you use? Do you have any CAD files to share or suggestions in post-processing the STP files from the virtual pack?


Hi ruswerner,

If sharing the Board STP file will help you, let me know. I still don`t have the Board printed, so I can not help with any suggestions.

Thanks Veneta.

I ended up purchasing the Virtual Pack so I have the digital files. They aren’t really suited to CNC milling so I’m going to have to probably make my own designs based on these.


@ruswerner I just talked to Paul to see if he has any thoughts on this, and he does not. Our original board was CNC milled, but that was over three years ago now. Best of luck as you work on it!

I was going to mill it from a single 3mm thick sheet of plexiglass. And then mill channels for the raceways, which would be 3D printed and later glued in. In the meantime, I split the board into 6 pieces and am printing them now. They will be glued together afterwards.

The orange dotted lines are the cut lines. I am printing the top right section at the moment, 11 hrs to go!

I realise that it won’t have the structural integrity of a single injection moulded piece, and the glue surface area is small (the board is only 2mm thick). But I may look to support it from back or glue in support rods in the hollow outer rim areas.

Hi ruswerner,
Would you share if you succeeded to make stable board when connected the 6 pieces. It was suggested to me to print it on 4 parts, but I am not sure if I will be able to connect the parts stable enough.

@ ruswerner Did you have any success with the board?

Sorry @alyssa I haven’t progressed much futher. But I will post here when I do. It’s spring time on the farm here in New Zealand and we are swamped with outside chores at the moment.

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All the best with your spring chores! We have everything out of our garden getting ready for the winter. It even snowed today! Our boys are at my parents’ farm this weekend helping move their garden for next spring.