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Do 3D files come with purchase?

Hi all -

Does my purchase of TT come with access to the STL and STEP files?

I got TT as an add-on to my kickstarter pledge for Spintronics, and have been waiting to surprise the family with it for Christmas. We had a lot of fun with it today, and look forward to a bunch more. I immediately encountered several problems I knew someone would already have solved with 3D printable parts. Not all have been made, though, yet. So I’m ready to jump in and design some. In order to get correct fitting, I need either drawings or access to the STEP files. Is the Virtual Pack included with purchase of the boxed set or do we have to buy it separately? If there’s something about it in the booklet I missed it (and the book is at my parents’ house so I won’t have access to it immediately).

Off to print some of the solutions I’ve found so far. I love that community mods and add-ons are inherently part of this device/toy/game/platform.