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Dr. Nim on Turing Tumble

this is my first TT program, i hope you enjoy!

Dr. Nim was a mechanical computer designed to play Nim

how it works: the game works with you or DR. Nim taking 1, 2, or 3 marbles from the stack, however takes the last marble wins

set up: place only 12 red marbles into the red marble area. if you want to go first, keep the ramp in place at the equalizer position. if you want Dr. Nim to go first, replace the ramp with a bit in the equalizer position (make sure the counter swiches are set to the left)

taking turns: also before playing, make sure the indicator ramp is facing the right position
(right for Dr. Nim, left for Player)

if you have a better design, let me know!

I have a design that handles the equalizer and turn switch automatically:

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