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Drawing / Paper / Sketches

Drawing / Paper / Sketch

For educational purposes, I believe that at some point we all need a paper medium to be able to express the geometry of a possible solution with all the details that can be created with a sketch in hand … and not with the board.
Also, when you are in transport, it is impossible to play on the set, but you still have ideas coming up :sweat_smile:
And for very complex solutions, I think that’s the only way to figure it out, much faster than the board.
So here is my idea of ​​a paper base. You can print it and draw on it.
Enjoy - Thomas

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Turing Tumble - Base 1.0 TLO 02.pdf (28.5 KB)


@Tom.FR Thank you for making this! We have had people ask for a paper version, especially educators. Would you be willing to draw out a puzzle so that I can see how each symbol relates to each part?