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Elementary TT: Bits and Colors

Elementary TT: The Turing Tumble in the Elementary School

Bits and Colors

Bits and Colors is a series of puzzles that provides practice in using bits and crossovers: Part 1 consists of 9 challenges and is more like a tutorial; part 2 consists of 6 challenges and involves logical problem solving. Hopefully, you will find this to be a good preparation for TT Puzzle Book challenge 39.

BC 1 - SOLUTIONS.pdf (83.8 KB)

BC 1.pdf (74.5 KB)

BC 2 SOLUTIONS.pdf (74.8 KB)

BC 2.pdf (78.0 KB)

Thank you for this wonderful resource Don! I like that you continue to challenge your students use binary notation to keep that knowledge fresh.

David–Thanks for touching base with me. Bits and Colors is untried: I just worked it out during the pendemic lockdown. And I’m am an “at risk” person, so I don’t know that I’ll be going into the schools this fall. If you try out my stuff, or know anybody that does, I would appreciate feedback.