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Extra balls for TT

I have the TT and I am very pleased. I have had almost no problems so far except that I have lost a couple balls because they flew off the board. I do not know where to purchase extras. Is there a place that you can purchase replacements? I also am having problems with puzzle 19 and could not find any hints for this puzzle on the website. I made a separate topic about this. If anybody could help that would be great.

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@TTM180 Thank you for posting this! You can purchase extra parts on our webpage: https://store.turingtumble.com/products/extra-balls

I’ll answer your question about puzzle 19 on your other thread.

Thanks so much, alyssa! I will work on getting them as soon as possible.

A tip to minimise ball loss is to set the board up inside the box lid - most balls that come off the board won’t make it out of the lid.


@rmsgrey Thanks, that’s so smart!

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