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FDM Fails. What Now ? SLA?

I decided , almost at random to try my FDM printer on the “Bit” part. Despite great material and super fine settings, the part was not a success at all. I wish I had been warned that one needs an SLA printer, I think obviously and I would not have bought these files. So now I’m basically burned for $25 CAD that could have gone to a store bought set, instead of what I had hoped would be a money saving DIY project.

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Hi Abraxas, I’m sorry about this! We have used an FDM printer before, but it is hard to get everything working perfectly between the weight and the friction. Just email us at hello@upperstory.com and we’ll get you a refund for the files.

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Hi Guys, its aaaaaages later but just read this topic. It would be great if anyone likes to share his/hers (alternative) solution on challenge 33 with me? Eager to learn!
@alyssa & @paul : yours is also very welcome :slight_smile:
I am also looking for an educator Guide on puzzle 33. Why is it working with these given pieces? Can it be done with less parts?