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Game 1: Guess Where

I thought creating a game would be fun so I made one:
Player 1 goes first flipping the bits at the top and then player 2 guesses where it would fall in.
Example: the red ball will fall into the blue interceptor (the bit one). Then player 1 presses a lever. If he gets it right, he gets a point. If not, the other player gets a point. Then the players switch roles. The first to 15 points wins!

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@Funi2 This is a really fun idea! Is there a time limit on how long the player has to make the prediction and press the lever? I feel like it would take me a really long time to figure it out!

You can press the lever whenever you want to. I think it would take me a long time too!

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It might be like a game of Risk - sometimes those moves take hours!