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[Game] Defend the Kingdom

This is a strategic two-player game.

Goal: Land your cannonball(ball) in the opponent’s city(interceptor)!

Rules: Players take turns setting the top 3 bits on their side and releasing a ball. If the ball lands in the opponent’s interceptor, you win! Otherwise, it’s the opponent’s turn. Blue goes first.

Have fun and tell me if there’s anything you’d like me to add to the game!


Version 2:


We tried v1 of this today. It works well - very hard to predict the flow. I got quite a few “own goals”. The kid took a random approach. We played for first to 3 balls in the other’s court to win.

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Um… if you score an “own goal”, you keep playing. But thanks for the positive feedback!

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Version 3:


:grinning: Can’t wait to try this!

And if there’s any way you can give me a hint on puzzle 36, that would be great!

I’ll give you one: Try making it so that a bit will be triggered blocking a blue marble from being intercepted if it is pointing to the left.

I could use some help with challenge 52…

Try to use bits as a register to make every ball go down five times.

Does it matter which direction the bits and gears are facing at the start of the Defend the Kingdom?

All my balls are landing in the bottom interceptor in “Version 1”.

Hi, donut computer! I would suggest to the bottom interceptor and the 2 ramps and all the low crossovers and replace the left and right crossover with a ramp because all the balls are landing in the very bottom interceptor. It is all on “Version 1”.

Incredible. Favourite game to play in turing tumble. Easily.

Yes. It does, in fact. (That was just filler to stretch to 20 chars)