Gear bits "bounce"


I have encountered a problem in challenge #30 with the gear bits at the top. When flipped to the left, the first marble flips the first gear bit to the right, it then trips the other gear bit which immediately flips it back to the left.

HOWEVER, it flips it too hard and the gear bit “bounces” when it hits the limit of travel. This leaves a gap just big enough for the next marble to pass underneath! And yes, I am using high-friction washers behind the two gear bits.

The good news is I found a work-around. Adding a third redundant gear bit seems to increase the resistance just enough so the top gear bit no longer bounces when it flips back to the left. Works very reliably now.

Something to look out for, perhaps the could be addressed if future versions.

Awesome game though - am loving it!


Correction, I meant challenge #31 “Supervised Learning”.


Thanks for sending this, TuringDude. I like the username, by the way. :slight_smile: I’ll check that out here and see if I can recreate it. Sometime soon, I think we’re going to invest in some new injection molds and try and work out some kinks. It’s helpful to know that this happens on some people’s boards. I’ll have to see if I can make sure that never happens in the next version.


Thanks Paul. Keep up the good work. I was thinking I’d be finished all the challenges pretty quickly but the difficulty level ramps up. I love the challenges that make you stop and walk away for a while.