Turing Tumble Community

Girls and STEM: How to attract, progress, and retain girls and other underrepresented minorities

Hello everyone! I am glad to have found this community. I have been a STEM facilitator in one capacity or another for 9 years. I am a Kickstarter superfunder and was one of the people that helped Turing Tumble launch. I still LOVE the “game” and have already been enriched by this community’s thoughts about how to use it.

How have people used it with underrepresented populations? Has anyone used it in combination with Rubik’s Cube? I just watched the video “The Speed Cubers” on Netflix and did not realize that solving the cube was all about algorithms. Hummm… non-computer science ways to teach children computational thinking! I LOVE that! I just purchased one and am going to solve it for the first time in my life ---- and THEN I am bring it to the classroom. Hour of Code/STEM night activities if I ever heard ones!