[Hard] "Exception Handler"


Here’s one for you that I couldn’t put in the puzzle book because the solution requires more than 6 crossovers (or at least I think it does, anyway).

(You can’t tell from the picture, but all four of those bits may start pointed left or right.)

Objective: If any of the bits start pointed right, intercept a blue ball. Otherwise, intercept a red ball.

You may use any parts you like.

Good luck!


Silly game designer, you only need two crossovers :slight_smile: .

(I notice that this solution is going right below the puzzle. If the etiquette is to put them somewhere else, so as to avoid spoilers, feel free to move my comment elsewhere and/or edit it.)


Look at you, Smarty McSmart Guy! I never thought to use multiple interceptors. Geez, you really pulled out all the tricks in this solution. Nice work!


Smart McSmart Guy! I don’t feel like I deserve such an illustrious title. To earn a title like that, I feel like I’d have to… I don’t know, use no crossovers at all?


:smile: :smile: :astonished:

Wow, ninja skills


Ha ha! Wooooow! You most certainly do deserve the title. Impressive! Smarty McSmart Guy it is.


You don’t even NEED multiple interceptors OR gears.



Nifty! But you’re missing one ramp at the far left (to handle the case where the leftmost bit points right); here’s a slightly corrected version of yours: