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Harder reset, another version of challenge 41

The object of this puzzle is to reset register A to zero with just one red ball.
This is the startup:

Harder reset setup

Start with red.
Also see: Challenge 41: Hard reset


Looks like register A is already at zero.

I mean in any position of register A, reset it to zero.

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Tge goal is to set it to zero with any count it could possibly have

But you are only allowed to use the same setup

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This is great. I solved the original challenge 41, but it took me 2 days.

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Nice! Same amount of parts as in the original challenge 41?

Looking at the puzzle, I could solve it with 4 added gear bits (7 total), some ramps, and 4 gears. A key realisation is that you can’t get a ball from the 1 gear bit to the 2 gear bit, so you need to set up a nearby gear bit that you can reach to reset, and then link it to the 2 gear bit.

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Wanna share it with us? Is there also A3 involved?

Extend each of the elements of the register, A1, A2 and A4 into its own chain of gear bits connected by gears, each running top-left to bottom-right. A1 comes up as a pair, A2 comes down as a triple, and A4 can go either way as a pair. The two possible outs from the A1 chain can both feed into the middle gear bit of the A2 chain, or the upper out can feed into A2 itself, and then all possible outs from the A2 chain can feed into the top of the A4 chain.

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Thanks, happen to have a picture of it?
Is there also A3 involved? Completely stuck here…

Is this what you meant?

That’s pretty much what I meant - except I’d have put the middle / ramp up-left in place of a gear bit and an extra \ ramp down-left two spaces from that too.

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Hi @rmsgrey , thanks for your reply. Do you happen to have a visual of it? A picture or tumble-together.herokuapp.com link?
Many thanks! Leo