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Help with puzzle 19

Hi all! I am having trouble with problem 19 in the book and could not find any hints on the website. Could any body help?

@TTM180 This one was a tricky puzzle for me as well! I thought I had to achieve the outcome with just hitting the “press to start” lever once. As it turns out, you need to try out each of the examples separately. For example, set up the board with the A and B bits pointed to the left, then press to start (on the blue side) and see if you were able to capture a red ball. Reset the board with the A bit pointed right and the B bit pointed left. Then press to start (on the blue side) and see if you intercept a red ball again. Reset for the third scenario.

Is this helpful?


@alyssa Thanks a lot! This makes total sense now. I can’t wait to work on it!

I finished the puzzle today, with the help of my dad, and here are the photos.

We also did puzzle 20, Symbiosis, which is very similar.

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@TTM180 Nicely done! Those are tricky ones. I find that when I’ve let the game sit for a bit, I have to go back a few puzzles to get my bearings again. Puzzle 19 is a good one for getting back in the groove.