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I hope you like my first puzzle

This is my first puzzle to solve:

The result must be:
4 blue
1 red
3 blue

I hope you like it.


Only 15 parts? Are you sure?
Really curious how that is done! Thanks in advance. Greets, Leo

Nice, I improved it, slightly:

I have broke it down to 14 parts, 12 ramps and 2 bits

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Hi @Marcello, Let me guess: did you replace this bit for a ramp? I will try tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Like this or different?
By the way, @Marcello : what about the interceptor? Is it still there in your configuration?

Yes it is used - I counted only the placed ones, not the ones that were ALREADY there

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I guess i miscounted
It is 11 ramps and 2 bits

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@Emma Welcome!

Here is my solution:

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.11.36 PM

Tumble Together

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