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Idea: LED light to indicate which bit is on

I had the idea of adding small led lights to the bit pieces and so wanted to present this idea to the community so anyone more familiar with electronics can offer some assistance. The idea is that when the bit points left the led is off and when the bit points right the led is on. Ideally the led would be situated in the center of the piece so the light remains stationary while the bit flips.

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Hi Randy, I really like this idea of adding small LED lights. I’m going to talk to my boys about it tonight and see if they have any ideas. The light would have to be small and very light so that it didn’t compromise the bit in any way. There would have to be some sort of sensor too. I’m not sure how it would work, but it would make for a super fun demonstration!

I have seen teachers in the past use a post it to indicate on or off. It helps when you are first understanding what value each bit holds. Here is a video showing how it looks with value stickers: https://youtu.be/5q90NXWsE1w

you dont need any sensors just use them as swiches

you can put the led with two conducting plates inside of the arrow head thingie and two conductors through the boad where the two plates would be
just hook it up to some kind of powersource that is suitable and it should be good

Edit: I thought it would be hard to imagine so I drew a quick image on how the bit should look form underneeth (dont judge my drawing skills)

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Could be made with a small 3v button battery with holder connected to an led and an appropriately positioned mini mercury switch such as this one from aliexpress:

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