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Lever lock to prevent accidental firing

Hi guys,

First up, awesome, awesome product! My son used it at school and with his birthday coming up knew exactly what he wanted. He loves it.

I think a worthwhile edition would be some sort of brake to stop the machine from starting before the user it ready would be a great addition. Something as simple as some pins on a tab that can go underneath the bottom levers would be more than enough. It can be a bit frustrating if you accidently trip the machine when loading balls, more so when a younger sibling is helping!

Otherwise, wonderful product.

Thank you


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I find a finger inserted under the lever in case of an accidental launch does the job.

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Not so easy when there are multiple chefs in the kitchen!

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It is a good solution still much room for improvement

The orange crossover piece works great. It fits perfectly under the lever almost like it was designed for that.