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Lvl 58 square matrix

I am only 11 and have just completed the square matrix, Lvl 58 level.
Here is my square matrix solution.

The first time I looked at the puzzle solution, I knew it could be made easier. The bits down the left side are used to count the number of balls that fall down. The gear and gear bits direct the ball to the right, and then back again to flip the 4 mark on the register. Once that has been hit, the next ball comes down and hits the top 2 bits on the register, and instead of continuing down, goes to the right, causing a red ball to fall. The bits on the top right make sure that the read balls go down twice, and the third one stopping the machine. Another reason I used the bits was to make sure that when you need to get 4 blue balls down, the final bit on the register is pointing to the right, meaning the blue balls only need to go down 3 times, and then falling to the right.

If anyone can come up with a better solution or description, please reply.

Welcome to the TT Community. I’m impressed with your solution: None of the elementary age kids that I work with have gotten that far. Do you have any idea how long it took you to solve it?

I’am not 11, I’m older than I care to mention. This is the solution I was able to devise. Begin with the register’s value set to 1, the gear bits pointing to the right, and the bit below the gear bits pointing to the right. Enjoy,