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Making Words in Turing Tumble?

First things first, I’d like to say hello as I have just joined the community. Onto the topic, I’ve noticed that there is no talk (or at least none I’ve seen) of using the marble patterns to generate words. I’ve been trying to find some ways, and would like some assistance. I have 3 different goals. (If there is a :white_check_mark: then that means I know it’s possible)

1: Form any single word :white_check_mark:
2: Form a collection if words (minimum 3, at least 3 letters each)
3: Make a setup that can form any letter

There are currently 3 base systems, which you can use to base your ideas (if you want to find your own or find them yourself skip to the replies)

Unary: Uses red marbles as letters and blue marbles as separation
-1 blue = letter separation
-2 blue = word separation
-1-26 red = A-Z

Binary: Uses red and blue marbles to make words, uses a select bit for letter separation (no word separation)
-A-Z = same as Morse Code
-Each time the select bit ticks, it’s a new letter

Keyboard: Uses interceptors as “keys”. like a keyboard. 3 ways to do this: (the first 2 of them may not possible with a standard board size)
- Use 26 interceptors (1 per letter)
- Use 13 interceptors (first 13 letters blue, next 13 red)
- Use 11 interceptors (2 of them have a 3rd both color option for Y and Z)

That’s everything I had to say on this topic.

For a binary output, you could do worse than look up ASCII - characters are encoded using 7-bit strings (in practice, they’re usually padded to 8 bits) giving 128 possible codes, with 0-31 being various control codes, 48-57 digits 0-9, 65-90 being uppercase letters, 97-122 lowercase letters, 127 being delete, and the remainder being various other characters.

I did consider that, but it seemed less efficient then morse. Each letter for morse code only uses around 2-4 characters per word, instead of strings of 7, and I was thinking about simply ignoring capitalization and punctuation. However it could work, you just need more marbles. Or maybe I’m just not undestanding what you’re trying to say.

You can add a check mark to “Make a setup that can form any letter”. The setup is just a five-bit counter, which can be set to count down (output) any number of balls from 1 to 32, thus realizing your unary representation.

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Ok, I’ll have the checklist of challenges here. I’ll add checkmarks and maybe add new ones here.
-Make any one word✅
-Make a collection of words
-Make a sentence (more than 3 words)
-Make a system that can produce any letter✅
Another thing, I also made the keyboard system. if there are any problems tell me. I will explain how it works before showing the link

There are 10 interceptors, each represent 2-3 letters (The first 6 represent 3) The order of them, read how you’d read a book, is alphabetical. A-J use a blue marble, K-T use a red marble, and U-Z use both at once.

Link: https://tumble-together.herokuapp.com/?code=C1C0CD2A3DC1A7A0CD2A2DC3A6A2CD2A2DC3A7A2CB3A1A0A2BA3A7A2A7A2A7A7A7A7A7A7K_II