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Manual interceptor

I was frustrated because a ball would invariably slip out of the starting area and the kids’ programs (and my own as well) would execute prematurely, so I cut a piece of plastic (cardboard would also probably work) 3/8" wide by maybe 4" long and used it to cover the the levers at the bottom. This also works if you want to run just one cycle of your program.

I realize not everyone has a 3D printer but this was posted to Thingiverse. Just another option. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3323584

Awesome! I’m sure I can MacGyver something (no 3D printer). Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I’ll try to print this!

It’s not my design but I did print one and it works very well.

Printed this. Works great! Thanks.

Actually, I tried making one using straws and other parts. it works well!