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Maximum Checker

Intercepts a blue ball if a four bit register equals 15. Otherwise, a red one.

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To make sure I understand, you have a four-bit register (laid out vertical or horizontal?) and after you press a starting lever, balls run through your layout, perhaps changing the register. But after the computation is complete, the register is returned to its initial configuration, and an interceptor holds either a red or blue ball, depending on whether the value is less than 15 (red), or equal to 15 (blue).

The register is free to change, and laid out in a direction of your choosing.

Here is a solution. For some reason, you need to open it in a new window, otherwise it looks empty.

My solution looks very similar with few parts less.
@lennypitt The reason for this behaviour is the ‘#’ in the URL: if only the part behind it changes, the browser will not trigger a reload. This can be annoying if you have a folder full of bookmarks. Well… I think it’s time for me as a developer to fix it in the near future and contribute to this great project :wink: