Mini Tumble Laser cut



Whoa! That’s amazing! Nice work! It’s really interesting to see it that size. Does it work yet?


Yes it works. Maybe not as reliable as I would like. I have run into 2 problem areas. The first is that the pins on your Tumble are larger (around .025 in) than my 1/8 in pins so the parts have much more wiggle room (sometimes jump right off the board. The other problem is with the swing angle. I may have to tweak that a bit because sometimes the balls hang up.


Using Turing Tumble parts

Using some laser cut parts


Very nice! It looks like you’ve got it all worked out using laser cut parts. It would be easier to scale up and make a bigger one with your plans. Any chance you’d be willing to share them? Thus would be really helpful for people with a laser cutter. I’d like to try some things with it, too. :slight_smile: Well done!


I would love to share.
I do feel like the kid trying to solve a hard math problem who is suspicious that he has gone wrong somewhere because the answers are not round numbers.
For instance, I get the distance between rows/columns as 1.056 inches.
I do hope to make a 2ft by 3ft model eventually.
My current problem is with gears…my gear bits won’t drive a second one using a gear. Back to the drawing board.