Missing piece (small black peg)


I just received my Turing Tumble and it seems to be missing one of the four “small pegs” (black). Instead, there is a small black piece of plastic that looks like it snapped off of something… Any idea how to get a missing piece so that I can get past the assembly instructions?


Hi xphils,

I think we communicated about this over email. If so, I sent a couple replacements on Monday. Sorry about that! They weigh all the boxes to make sure everything is in it before they seal them closed. I think yours probably weighed the right amount because it had that piece of junk plastic in there instead of the right part.

Thanks for sending me a message about this!



I have the same piece missing and have tried emailing but am not sure whether it got through. If not is it possible to send me one?


I’m not sure if you’re the same person, but I think I got your email. We’ll send you a new one. Sorry about that! From now on, we’re putting 2 extra in the bag so this hopefully doesn’t happen anymore.