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Multiplying calculator challenge

Hey I have wondered what the best multiplying calculator is on the normal board size

The biggest I managed to do is 3*3=9(with one extra binary digit for optional addition)

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@Johbot I just texted Paul (the creator) for the answer. Direct quote “Ha ha ha! I have NO idea. :)”

Here’s a virtual handshake for stumping him. :handshake:

An attempt of mine where I sadly couldn’t store every single bit of the output (being four bits short) was 127*4=508 brought me to this answer where you can store every bit, which is 31*4=124. In order to use it you will need to start by setting the number of marbles to 99, then hitting the blue lever. Eventually you will run out of red marbles, so you will need to hit the 99 button again then hit the red lever this time. While I did add support for another bit of input, which would make this 63*4=252, I can’t seem to find a way to add another bit of output…
This is a very simple way to multiply things, having the blue ball count down on the first input and the red ball count up four times on the output, it still seems to be pretty good. If this is not what you meant please correct me and I’ll try to create a new version :slight_smile:

This multiplying calculator fits on a normal board and can do 7*7=49.