My daughters' reactions were awesome


I got my Turing Tumble last week and the “Oh Yeah!” when I opened it made my coworker give me a funny look. I set it up and went through a bunch of puzzles while I ate lunch. I think I had to explain what it was about 6 or 7 times.

I finally had a chance to break it out for my girls (6 and 9) this evening. They liked seeing my name in the box lid. They LOVED seeing their names in the book!

We only got to play for about 30 minutes (7 puzzles worth) before bed, so we had to skip the story line for now. We’ll catch up on that probably on Wednesday.

The whole time the girls kept saying how fun and cool it was!


Thanks so much, EmptyJay! That was so fun to read. I’m so glad you and your girls like it. I really appreciate it. Thanks again!