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My son has swallowed a marble

My 9 year old son has managed to swallow a Turning Tumble marble, we need to establish if this is magnetic or just metal covered with plastic….any ideas?

We are taking medical advice but there appears to be a big difference between a metal and magnetic bearing.

Any advice appreciated.


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The balls are not magnetized.
You’ll need to contact someone from the company to determine the coating.

It’s no problem at all and you’re not the only one. :slight_smile: The balls aren’t magnetic, but you obviously wouldn’t want to swallow a magnet now. We’ve had the metal and the coatings tested for heavy metals and other organic contaminants and it’s safe. Also, the paint sticks really well. My guess is that the ball will come out with the coating still attached. You could probably…even…use it again?

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Thanks for the confirmation, that’s very reassuring, Son is in A&E with the Mrs for an x-ray as doctor wanted to be sure, will update how we get on.


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Just a quick update to confirm that the x-ray identified the marble and it is in the process of passing naturally through his system. We predict it will be back in the box within the next 24 hours :slight_smile: